Book 3 Updates

Book 3 Updates:

The Temple is now out of my hands.  For a while.  For every book in the series, the process after I finish writing goes like this:

1.  First Edit

2.  Second Edit

3.  BETA readers

4.  Third Edit (fix problems BETAs bring up)

5.  Fourth Edit (Line edit)

6.  Fifth Edit (Copy edit)

7.  Format and Publish

Right now, we’re at the BETA reader stage.  I’ve given away all my copies of the book (isn’t it so pretty?) and as soon as they are finished, things hopefully will go quickly.

For those asking for a date, I can say that if the BETAs don’t find any major problems (fingers crossed) then I’m confident in a late January/early February release date.  Once I get a good amount of information back from them, I will release an official date.

For now, I will give you a few teasers:

1. The Temple is officially longer than The Sphere at this point. The Sphere was 475 Word Doc pages. This one is 508.  Things could change between now and the published copy.

2. There are officially 3 characters that are in both The Magi and The Sphere that do not survive The Temple. (I’ve been in mourning a lot writing this one).

3. Savenridge goes through a rather big transformation during the story.

4. Places visited: Edinburgh, Scotland; New Zealand; Chile.

5. The chapters in this book are smaller than they have been in the previous two. There are 31 total chapters (not including the Prologue and the Bridge).

That’ll have to do for now.  Remember to read the Prologue and check back for more released chapters.

Book 3 Update

Two chapters in 3 days!  Things are moving along on schedule.  For those of you who are anxiously awaiting a release date, things are starting to fall into place for a Fall release of The Temple.

An optimistic date would be early October, maybe even September.  A pessimistic date would be early December.  A betting man would say to lean optimistic.

Some thoughts:  By far, this book has the most subplots of the three in the series so far.  Some are new to the book and will be resolved (a murder mystery, for example).  Some are continued from previous books and will be resolved (e.g. Kyria).  Some will continue into the next book (e.g. Miranda Roddick’s past).

And the biggest shocker of the series so far is introduced at the end of book 3…