Thoughts on Book 3

From Kevin M. Turner:

Welcome back to the land of the living!

For those of you asking about updates to the series, I apologize for the hiatus.  However, rest assured that The Magi Series is still alive and well.  Once I get a clearer picture of the end of the writing process for book 3, I promise to give some estimates on release, but for now, I am unable to guess.  I anticipate an educated guess in the spring.  For now, here are my initial thoughts on the plot of book 3.

Working Title:  THE TEMPLE

Some hints/spoilers:  If you have not read both The Magi and The Sphere, you may not want to read any further.

This book is definitely darker than the previous two.  There are at least 2 characters (from both book 1 and 2) that will not make it through book 3.  The book revolves around finding the last two cubes but will also deal heavily with Elijah’s growing power.  Luther Cain becomes much more of a presence in the lives of the Magi.

I am also becoming more fascinated by Ruth’s character.  Like Becca, she was not an intended character when I plotted this series out a few years ago, but she has more depth than I anticipated, so her role has increased significantly as I’ve written this one.

That’s all for now.  Thank you for all who have been anxiously waiting word of the new book.  I continue to appreciate the kind words and encouragement regarding the series.  Please drop me an email if you have time and want to comment or have any questions/suggestions (yes I welcome those too).