The Sphere in Print to be Delayed

The Sphere in Print to be Delayed…

First and foremost, apologies must go out to all who were expecting a print book of The Sphere to be available tomorrow.  While it’s still possible Amazon could have it up tomorrow to go with the e-book, it is looking less and less likely. will post the minute it goes live.

When will it be up?  At this point, that all depends on Amazon.  It’s possible it could be up tomorrow and up to a few days after at the worst.

To help tide over some impatient readers, attached at the bottom of this post is a pdf copy of the first 3 chapters of The Sphere.  If you find yourself needing more after this, and the book still is not up on Amazon, I will send you an additional 3 chapters (up to chapter 6 in all) upon personal request.  You can email @ for additional chapters.  Hopefully this will be enough to tide you over during the delay.

Merry Christmas!

THE SPHERE Chapters 1-3

The Sphere Release!

The Sphere e-book to be released early!!!

There is good news and bad news on the release of The Sphere.

Bad News: Amazon seems to be having issues with the print version of the book. It’s nothing major and there’s still hope that it will be available on the 17th. However, it is possible that print books will not be available (delivered by Christmas) if the issue is not resolved soon.

Good News: The e-book is ready, and since there may be a delay with the print version, the e-book version will be released early. Check HERE for details. You can order now, and the second it becomes available, it will be delivered to you. Merry Christmas

The Sphere Contest

One week until The Sphere is released!!!

To beef up the publicity, I’m giving away 3 signed copies of The Sphere, plus a free e-book of both The Sphere and The Magi to go with it, before the release date! Please comment on this post and then each of the following actions will result in an additional entry:

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