The Sphere Chapter List


Here is the unofficial chapter list from The Sphere:

Chapter 1:  Master Roddick’s Farewell
Chapter 2:  The Legend of the Sphere
Chapter 3:  Region 2
Chapter 4:  Uncle Stan’s Hideout
Chapter 5:  W.H.
Chapter 6:  Miranda Roddick’s Second-Most Shameful Act
Chapter 7:  Preliminary Orientation
Chapter 8:  The Very Mysterious Barracks
Chapter 9:  Novice Level One
Chapter 10:  The First Task
Chapter 11:  The Race
Chapter 12:  Olivia’s Substitute
Chapter 13:  The New Council
Chapter 14:  The Secret Meeting
Chapter 15:  Mr. Button’s Hidden Corridor
Chapter 16:  Circles, Squares, and Tangents
Chapter 17:  The Inferno
Chapter 18:  Paul’s Transforming Experience
Chapter 19:  Los Alientos
Chapter 20:  Wind
Chapter 21:  The Sacrifice
Chapter 22:  Elijah’s Awkward Question
Chapter 23:  The Traitor
Chapter 24:  Servants of the Magi
Chapter 25:  The Resurrection of William Hawk