The Sphere Progress


It’s off to the beta’s!

Since it’s been a while between updates, I thought I’d send a little note saying The Sphere has gone through an initial edit and is off to the beta readers.  Stay tuned for news on the release date and upcoming teasers on the site.

In the spirit of giving, here’s an unofficial stat for the page count:

The Magi:  434 pages

The Sphere:  624 pages (unofficial)

Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed:

If you want more updates on The Sphere progress, check out the twitter feed on the Author page, or follow @themagiseries on twitter. Or you can click FOLLOW on the right hand column of the site.

Just to give you a little more of a lengthy update, I am still on schedule to be done writing The Sphere by the end of this month. In fact, cross your fingers, I’m a little ahead of schedule.