Update on The Sphere

Update on THE SPHERE from Kevin M. Turner:

First and foremost, I must thank everyone for your patience on this topic. It’s been a long time coming, and I feel very fortunate to have such supportive readers who are itching to hear of news on The Sphere.

Before I give an update on my progress, let me explain a few reasons why, number one, there haven’t been many updates lately, and number two, why it has taken much longer than expected to get The Sphere out there.

(Forgive the outline by the way, but I am a true teacher at heart)

1. I want it to be good. This is by far the biggest reason it has taken so long. I don’t just want to throw something out there to get it out quickly, and neither does anyone else. It takes quite a bit of time to get things just right, but I think the result will be well worth the wait.

2. Life. I’ve had an unusually overwhelming year, which is as much as I’m going to say for now, but if you want specifics, just read the previous post for starters.

3. The Sphere is much longer than The Magi. At this point in the writing, The Magi would have been done already. In other words, I have as much written on The Sphere as I did on The Magi, but I’m still a ways from being done writing. If I was pressed to give an estimate, I would say The Sphere will fall within the 550 to 600 page realm. For those of you reading on e-readers, to give you some context, The Magi is 430 pages. Again, it will be worth the wait.

So what about The Sphere release?

My lofty goal at this point is to be done with the initial draft by late August or early September, but that will only happen if the stars line up perfectly. If I can find the extra time around princess tea parties with my daughter and late night diaper changings with my son, it’s doable. But priorities are priorities. So far, I’ve been able to keep up with my deadlines for my late-August goal.
I know the real question is when The Sphere will be released. So let’s go through the process from finishing the initial draft. First, I will do an initial edit. Then, I send it to my beta readers. I check their notes and suggestions do a second self-edit. Next, I send it off to my editor. When it’s sent back to me, I will do a final edit and then send it off to copy-editing. Finally, it will be sent to a formatting editor and will then be released. That sounds like a lot of steps, and it is, but each step usually takes less time than the previous.
If all goes according to plan and there are no hiccups (haha!), we may be looking at a late Fall 2013 release of The Sphere. That’s the bad news if you were thinking it would be sooner (which so did I). The good news is, there will be lots of things to tide you over between the completion of my initial draft and when the entire book is released. Here’s a tentative list:

1. Cover release: I just got the cover from my artist, and it is awesome! I can’t wait to release it.
2. Plot spoilers: I don’t plan on spoiling much, obviously, but I do have planned a few teasers.
3. Possible book trailer: This is a maybe because I don’t want the work on this to interfere with the timeline, but if the stars align…
4. Chapter releases: As with The Magi, I will release the prologue and a few chapters as the release date approaches
5. Pre-sale date
6. Website updates: With a new book comes a new site look.

And I’m open to suggestions. Anything else you would like to see before the release of The Sphere? Drop me a note.
Again, I thank you for your patience and ask for a bit more. It’s always inspiring to hear from you, so if you get a chance, drop me a note in the contact section of the site (under ‘Author’) and say hello.